How to Make Videos for YouTube

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Top Video Editors on a Budget

While I wrote about Kdenlive and still think it's an awesome choice for a free video editor. There are many more options. Read the full report

Learn video editing by trying out different kinds of tools. Yes, I know, it's a really strange idea of mine, but I'm convinced you'll become better at Kdenlive or whatever tool you choose, if you try out the competition and see how they do it.

What's holding you back? It's free after all and there are no wrong choices.

By the way, did you notice that 7 of the 8 software tools I talk about in the report use a dark theme. A dark interface supposedly pulls the focus towards the actual work you are doing.

Again, it's something you should experiment with. In Kdenlive, you can switch the theme by going to the Settings menu and choosing "Theme". That's all.

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